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Motivation, Dedication & Passion

Our success


Uniqueness, Authenticity and Beauty in our projects

Integrity, Honesty and Engagement in everything we do

The firmest Commitment and Responsibility towards sustainability

Our Cornerstones






At Abacus Property Development, we foster a working culture based on comprehensive sustainability in financial, social and environmental terms, these being the cornerstones of our business philosophy.

We propose innovative solutions to lower energy costs and lessen environmental impact by designing sustainable creations to achieve the highest degree of efficiency while caring for the environment.


We believe in the power of Commitment as a driver of success.

And our commitment is to achieve PROFITABILITY + POSITIVE IMPACT by creating highly efficient and innovative projects that work to the advantage of:

  • Our Clients
  • Our Environment
  • Our Society

Quality and Excellence are our hallmark.

Excellence is the epitome of quality.

Only by aiming for the highest standards can we deliver our very best.

We strive to achieve the best results in a highly competitive market. To do that, we blend creativity with profitability to optimise our project times and value.


Innovation is the recipe to produce added value, solve problems, rise to challenges and stand out from the competition.

Innovation and new technology are the crucial tools we have to raise people’s living standards and boost efficiency in our developments in line with our sustainability values.

Our Numbers


Million m²







Flagship projects


a unique development just 28 miles away from Rio de Janeiro, a benchmark in tourism and real estate conceived and designed according to the highest Comprehensive Sustainability Standards

What can we do for you?

We have the solution… and if not, we will find it!

Brand Creation, Development and Expansion Plan

As strategic consultants, here at Abacus we blend design with technology and creativity to develop powerful brands, leading to unique solutions tailored exclusively to your business.

We are the go-to consultancy firm for one of the most iconic and rising hotel brands on the international scene.

We work hard to fulfil the UN Sustainable Development Goals, wagering on sustainable, added-value projects

The Abacus commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Essential goal of our business estrategy