About Us


We are a global investment and services company specialising in Comprehensive Management and Development of real estate and hotel projects, driven by a dynamic team of people who love what we do.
We are passionate about making our clients’ dreams come true by creating spaces and experiences that people can enjoy, where they can live and find happiness, in an efficient and sustainable way.

Always keeping up with the times, we are able to overcome the challenges of a highly globalised and competitive society by bringing forward the best solutions and building strategic, distinctive and efficient alliances.

Throughout our history, we have proven our dedication to Quality, Innovation, Technology and Sustainability, in the knowledge that they are crucial in rising to the high standards our clients expect of us.

The Team

At Abacus, we have the powerful asset of a versatile team made up of talented, hard-working professionals with a thirst for betterment and a forward-looking, creative and sustainable approach towards development.

Our professionals are fully qualified in their field and backed by proven expertise. They are able to travel and are equipped with all of the technological tools within our reach to ensure we offer the very best services.

“We are perfectionists, we love design and ICTs, and we understand the value of caring for nature and people”

Our creative drive is what sets us apart and makes us unique; our powerfully enterprising and competitive spirit makes us inventive, creative, constructive and able to envisage a new future



The finest attention to detail underpins all of our creations, in keeping with the highest quality standards


We develop unique projects that stand out in such a competitive sector


We strive with tireless determination to ensure your business can grow sustainably


It is our responsibility to work towards the future and generate wealth


Our guiding values are to defend and care for the environment, culture and people above all else


The key to success lies in our ability to adapt to business changes and new circumstances

The history of our company is an exciting journey full of dreams come true and challenges we have overcome through hard work, passion and perseverance in the face of adversity


Abacus Property Development was born in 2007 in response to the determination of a group of enterprising businesspeople to express their own style in their projects, underpinned by four core values: Excellence, Sustainability, Commitment and Innovation.

Through the years, we have helped to develop magnificent projects in outstanding locations all around the world: Brazil, Romania, Albania, Côte d’Ivoire, India, China, Spain… which is proof that we are able to take on huge projects from a comprehensive point of view and become our clients’ strategic allies beyond just offering our Technical Assistance.

We have also supported a number of companies as real estate consultants, affording us significant experience in a broad range of real estate services within every market sector.

We are the key player in the development of the emblematic MARAEY project, which is designed based on the highest standards in Terms of Comprehensive Sustainability. This has brought us into close contact with some of the major hotel chains after intense negotiations to develop the hotels in MARAEY.

Meanwhile, we have built up a wealth of experience in the hotel sector having provided our services as hotel consultants and having developed branding projects that span all the way from brand conceptualisation to creation, development and expansion. All of this has raised us to become a benchmark consultancy firm for one of the most iconic and rising hotel brands on the international scene.

With so much experience in comprehensively managing and developing projects, we have succeeded in taking up a privileged position in the sector, allowing us to make our own contribution to the international real estate scene.

International Scope

We have developed a huge variety of projects in 21 countries


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